Magnolia Market
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Thursday, May 05, 2016
By Amy J Owen Photo
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Last night I watched the episode of Fixer Upper where Joanna & Chip Gaines first introduced the silos to their kids! In the episode they were explaining to their children about taking the next step in their business and they all voted unanimously to buy the silos and take on the new project!  What's even better is we had the opportunity to see that very place in person a little over a week ago!! I literally cried when I saw the Silos &  Magnolia Market from a distance!! It was an experience I will never forget.  Having been a Fixer Upper fan for so long, it was so great to see their dream fulfilled in person.  The property was so beautiful, complete with a lawn for kids to play, and I was absolutely smitten by all of the displays inside the market! I love Joanna's heart and vision to take unexpected things and make them functional and beautiful!! I gleaned so much just by being there.  You can tell the place is consecrated and the workers there are so friendly and helpful. I can't even imagine being a college student working there, how amazing would that be? We loved talking to the food truck workers and enjoyed some cowboy coffee for the first time at Common Grounds.  You can see Chip & Jo's heart for their town just by the simple map they give you for places to visit in Waco.  We literally drove to every spot and really loved seeing the beginnings of Magnolia.  I think the thing we all love about Chip & Jo is that they have stewarded well what was put before them from the start and they have watched God take them places they never dreamed.  I love their story and this visit could not have been more timely as my husband & I are in a season of launching new things!  We were so inspired and so in love with how Magnolia has effected their local culture!!  It's a great place to be and if you haven't been, definitely put it on your list!!!! 


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