Samantha & Abigail
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
By Amy
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My girls are growing up!!  Being a mom of twins is extra special!! You get to see two babies do everything together right around the same time and I have enjoyed every stage so far!!  Samantha & Abigail have such a special bond and I love how they are each other's best friend. They love performing together and being out in public does not make a difference to them..they are so fearless!  They literally broke out in song and dance during the shoot, waved at people going by so I just let them go for it!  I think the world needs more joy!! I'm thankful they have that in abundance!  One of our favorite passages for them from the beginning has been from Ecclesiastes 4:9-10.  I had this passage printed by Paulene Cruse and we used it for the shoot theme!  A huge thank you to Morgan Weathers for their beautiful hair styles and also to Jennifer's Cakes in North Augusta for the mini naked cakes!!! They were absolutely adorable and they were so good!! 


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Amy Owen - I can't believe it either!! Thank you Sharon!!
Sharon - I love these!!!! I can't believe they are 10 years old, weren't they just born yesterday? Beautiful girls!
Amy Owen - Love you! So sweet thank you!!!
Angelia Carson - These photos are magical in the way they capture Samantha and Abigail's beauty and personalities. You are so gifted! Love these girls and your whole family.
Miss Becky - I love the photos. They are very beautiful. May GOD's Blessings always be with them. I remember when they where only Two.They will always have a special place in my heart and so will the other three. Love Miss Becky
Amy Owen - Ms. Becky I literally just teared up...You are so special to US!! All that you did for us during those days I can never thank you enough!! Blessings on you and your family!!
Amy Owen - Thank you so much Allison!!! You are so sweet!!
Allison - I absolutely love these photos.
Sam and Abigail, you both have brought a smile to my face with your contagious smiles and spunky personalities.

Allison and girls