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Saturday, January 23, 2016
By Amy
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I have had such a great day with my kids!! It's rare to get a Saturday to just "be" and remember that beautiful gift called Motherhood.  I love what I do, but taking time away to focus on my children brings so much gratitude to my heart.  I have loved every stage of childhood and now as they are all teens or becoming teens, I still love who they are, even through self discovery.  Watching them throw snow balls at each other, jumping on the snowy trampoline, and walking through the woods, I reflect and give thanks that God would bless me with these five.  As I always share with people, we tend to photograph the cute toddler stage and then later graduation, but we can't forget these middle years..they are just as special.  They have their days of attitude and will power, but the goal is to maintain the closeness and as a parent, pursue through those stages. Today I got to do just that and have some fun taking pictures.  I hope this year is filled with more intentional days like this one <3

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